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23 Feb - 26 Feb 2024, London, Black White Gallery.
Private view  22nd February 2024.

A multisensory installation:
1 Spoken words
1 Moving images
22 Photographic silver gelatine prints
1 Soundscape

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Not Seeing Is A Flower

10th Jun - 4th Aug 2022, London, Have A Butchers Gallery. Private view  9th June 2022.

Photographic exhibition and Book launch:
1 Photographic book - 120 pages
7 Framed photographic prints (B&W)

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3rd Sep 2021, London House Of Mass (Lasting Specimen event).

Video instalation:
1 Motion picture (4:07min)
Format: Digital (B&W)
Sound: Mono

Director: Lowe H Seger
Choreographer: Daniela Neugebauer
Dancer: Jordan Bautista

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Obsolete Dreams

6th Sept - 27th Sept, London, Exlab (Old Street).

A multisensory instalation:
1 Performance
1 Motion picture (1:22min)
Format: Mixed digital & analogue
Sound: Stereo
44 Photographs
Type: Photoprints/Copy machine (Colour)
Size: A5

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9th June - 29th June 2022, London, FH3

Photographic exhibition:
10 Photograpich prints (B&W)

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Pandamic Rationality

9th June - 29th july 2021, London, Cafe Oto.

Print instalation:
4 Fly posters (2 Self portraits + 1 Text)
Fly posters pasted on boarded windows during the first Covid-19 lockdown in U.K 2021.

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Westberg Spåman, Gothenburg: 2005. 06.17 - 2005.06.29

Photographic exhibition,

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Win Win, Gothenburg: 2003. 06.09 - 2003.07.29

Photographic exhibition,

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