Obsolete Dreams
Video and print instalation
Exlab, London: 2021. 06.09 - 2022.07.29

A window installation based on my values in life, all rooted in personal experiences. Using the human body for an inspirational expression of my mindset,  mixing recorded sound with new and old footage to layer the obvious message.

Some scientists say that there is a possibility that humanity might not exist, that we potentially live in a simulated program. I believe that the dreams we have while asleep prove that such simulated reality can only be false. We do not yet fully understand the concept of dreams. However, when we enter deep sleep, we enter a different reality without expectations or real dangers.

Furthermore, one will never know if they will make it back to their bed by the end of the day, we can only presume. One thing is for sure, those who do not have a home do not have a safe place to decompress. The bed is our recovery stage, paramount to stay healthy physically and mentally. Unfortunately, too many people do not have this privilege. The English word dream comes from the Old Norse 'DRAUMR' during the Scandinavian conflicts, conquests, and settlements in Britain. It did not refer to the neuronal activity happening during sleep. 'DRAUMR' referred to things causing auditory or emotional sensations experienced while fully awake, dream meant "noise," "joy," or "music".

When it comes to your ‘dreams’, follow them before it is too late, now or never. Do not follow others' expectations, live your life the way you want it and make sure to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. One's actions determine who one are. You can choose your actions, you are unique, you can achieve anything you want.

One looped 82 seconds film
Fourtyfour copymachine photographs in colou.
Curated by Studio Nihilities
In collaboration with Outside The Zone (OTZ)