Obsolete Dreams
Exlab, Old Street, London.
06.09.2021 - 29.07. 2021:

A window installation based on my life values, which are rooted in personal experiences. I used the human body as an inspirational expression of my mindset, and layered new and old footage with  recorded sound to convay the obvious message.

Some scientists propose that humanity may not actually exist and that we could potentially be living in a simulated program. However, I believe that the dreams we have while sleeping prove that such a simulated reality can only be false.

While we still do not fully understand the concept of dreams, when we enter deep sleep, we enter a different reality where there are no expectations or real dangers.

Old Norse "DRAUMR" is a fascinating term that has a rich history and cultural significance. It is an Old Norse word that has evolved to become the modern English word "dream". The word "DRAUMR" is derived from the Proto-Germanic word "draugmaz", which meant "phantom, spirit, or apparition".

In Norse culture, dreams were believed to be a form of prophecy or a message from the gods. They were considered to be a powerful source of wisdom and guidance. Dreams were so important to the Norse people that they had a dedicated god for dreams, named Morpheus. Morpheus was believed to have the power to influence the content and meaning of dreams.

The word "DRAUMR" was also used to describe a range of experiences beyond just sleeping dreams. In the context of Old Norse literature, it referred to the sensory experiences of waking life, such as hearing music, experiencing joy or excitement, or feeling a sense of awe. It was not until later, during the Middle Ages, that the word "dream" was more narrowly defined to refer exclusively to the experiences that occur during sleep.

Today, the word "dream" is used in a variety of contexts, from aspirations and hopes to sleep experiences. But its roots in Old Norse culture provide a fascinating glimpse into the beliefs and practices of ancient peoples and remind us that the power of dreams has been recognized and valued across cultures and throughout history.

When it comes to your aspirational dreams, follow them before it's too late. Do not follow others' expectations. Live your life the way you want and make sure to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Your actions determine who you are. You can choose your actions, you are unique, and you can achieve anything you want.

A video and print instalation consistant of
-One looped 82 seconds film.
-Fourtyfour  photographs in colour created with a photocopy machine.

Commissioned by Outside The Zone.
Curated by Studio Nihilities.