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9th June - 29th June 2022, London, FH3

Photographic exhibition:

10 Photograpich prints (B&W)

The human desire to look back at its origins has been a central theme over the entire art history. With the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, photography has been used as a medium to reconnect with places and people. Through still and moving images, we have talked with relatives, friends and work colleagues. But also, we have used pictures to reconnect with our origins. The impossibility to travel made the presence of images a necessity in our lives. Time has been filled with thoughts and reflections about our place in this world. People left cities for the countryside and, when possible, to reconnect with the natural sphere.

These themes are central to the work of the artist on exhibition. Lowe H. Seger has investigated his origins and his connection with the natural landscape of Sweden. The pictures portray the west coast of southern Sweden and the natural surroundings of Gothenburg. The photographs have been captured between 2004 and 2014. But it has taken the artist more than seven years to acknowledge the strong connection between the physicality of the images and the persistence of this environment. Nordic landscapes are portrayed with both simple and abstract forms. Deep shadows and bright highlights play a central role in understanding the mystery of the relationship between nature and human emotions. Origins is a voyage to fully understand the luxury of nature and its power to heal our souls.

The exhibition features ten photographs shot on instant positive/negative Polaroid-type 665 film and printed on Hahnemuhle Baryta photographic archival paper. The display is intended to make visitors feel both as part of the audience and part of the creative process. Artworks have been displayed against plastic backdrops, layers of acrylic have been set up to make the viewer distanced from the natural subject. The staging is intended to create a full experience that needs to be explored and in which the audience needs to discover its deep meaning. A presence that feels both close and far, real and surreal, tangible and intangible. This is the presence of the natural world in our daily life.

Sponsored by:
Bootstrap Charity
40Feet Brewery

Curated by Lowe H Seger / Studio Nihilities

The plastic materials used for Origins have been recycled from local companies in Hackney and we have worked towards making this experience as environmentally sustainable as possible.