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23 Feb - 26 Feb 2024, London, Black White Gallery.
Private view  22nd February 2024.

A multisensory installation:
1 Spoken words
1 Moving images
22 Photographic silver gelatine prints
1 Soundscape

After a year of dedicated research and creative explorations, this conceptual artwork has arguably fallen short of its initial intent, transforming once inevitable questions into somewhat commonplace news material on television. Nevertheless, it is more than ever necessary to question humanity's trajectory in the age of technology. The artist on display grapples with apprehensions about existential meaning, social inequality, and loss. He examines consumerism, war, and power structures. "Immutable" is a provocation to fuel the conversation around human interaction with digital technology. The concept delves into profound inquiries into the purpose of human existence, navigating the tension between societal pressure for productivity and the polarising forces fostering division, isolation, and the erosion of authentic connections. It emphasises a call for deceleration and encourages a reevaluation of beliefs and a rediscovery of fundamental human values. The simple beauty and fragile essence of life, such as love, empathy, and mindfulness, are highlighted. The artwork accentuates the dopamine-driven addiction to algorithms, prompting a search for meaning beyond material pursuits. It delicately explores the fragility of interpersonal bonds. The narrative expands to include reflections on loss and the subsequent pursuit of value in the face of the rapidly growing evolution of the materialistic world. Ultimately, the work beckons viewers to ponder the profound question of what it truly means to be human, urging a collective effort to rediscover the simple beauty and fragile meaning inherent in life—a subtle whisper amid a digital storm, advocating resistance against digital dependency.

In the multidisciplinary installation, the viewer will get a glimpse into some extensive questions. Through sound and moving images, they are introduced to multidimensional characters who grapple with profound issues of purpose. With a narrative that captures the essence of a journey through absurdity, a search for authenticity, and the quest for meaning in a seemingly indifferent world. Through spoken words, the artist emphasises the value of introspection and critical contemplation in navigating the complexities of contemporary existence. The narrative underlines the importance of being present at the moment, recognising life and questioning its real meaning and the inevitability of death.

However, the 22 silver gelatine photographic prints on display are a fundamental integration to the full experience. The display is intended to make visitors feel both part of the audience and part of the creative process.

Each photographic print is small and has been sandwiched into a passepartout. The purpose is to invite the viewer to go close and become intimate with the natural subject. The artist has chosen not to encapsulate any of the artworks behind glass, there is nothing between the objects and the viewer. An open, beautiful, and authentic moment to celebrate the experience of viewing art in real life, where if the viewer is up close can smell the artwork's materials. The staging is intended to create a full experience that needs to be explored and in which the audience needs to discover its deep meaning.

Curated by: Henrietta Scrine & Studio Nihilities

Supporting companies:
Ilford Photo / Harman Technology
Mother Kelly’s
Bootstrap Charity
KO Gym