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The pain from loss – something we only can explain after we have experienced it, similar to the feeling of love which is also hard to verbalise. One question around these feelings is why we don’t care enough about them before it’s too late, why do we take so much for granted?

Dark Matter’s purpose is to remind you that life is beautiful and to inspire you to contribute to humanism by all necessary means.
With sound and images, Dark Matter will highlight the seriousness of global warming, after its release, we (the creators) will fulfil our responsibilities by being available to discuss the logic and reasons behind this important work.

We will organise and invite the audience to multiple events with screenings and workshops. We aim to end this project at RIO Cinema with a seminar where we will invite Hubert Reeves to talk about Humanism and global warming, we will have a final screening followed by a conversation with the director and choreographer.  

Between heavy inspirational research and logical reasoning, the final artistic outcome will be wildly restricted to its real and honest purpose. Its artistic values can later be criticised by art critics.

To clarify, this project is not a scientistic, religious or political statement.

Many thanks for your time and interest, we are still in the early stage of pre-production however if you want to know more or support this project with a small donation, please use the link below.

To deliver these events, we are relying on the generosity of your support. Any donation, small or large would mean a lot to us, and we are eternally grateful for every contribution.

From the donations we receive, our priority is to ensure everyone working on this project will receive fair pay.

Lowe H Seger